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Become a Soccer Coach

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, so many communities like ours have soccer teams that need coaches. The majority of youth teams rely on volunteers for their coaches.  To volunteer to become a soccer coach for Granbury Soccer Association, you will have to follow these steps BEFORE we establish the teams for the season.  All assistant coaches must complete the mandatory background check as well. 

STEP 1 - Contact our coaching director to have them set up a coach account for you. 
STEP 2 - Undergo a Risk Management check.  All volunteers that will instruct our players (managers and coaches) must have a background check. 

In order to do a background check, log into your GotSoccer account at

  • In the gray bar, click on the link called 'Background Checks'
  • Click on the button called 'Submit New Report'
  • Enter your information and click 'Submit'

It will take a few hours for the report to come back with a result.  If you are approved, we can then put you in the coaching pool for a team.  If you are not approved, we cannot have you as a volunteer.  We are not made aware of why you weren't approved, just that you are not approved by the North Texas State Soccer Association.

STEP 3 - Sign up for a coaching education course.  Every season we try to offer locally a coaching course or clinic that will satisfy at least the minimum requirement for new coaches.  All coaches MUST have a coaching license or diploma in order to continue coaching.  Local coaching education course will be listed below.  Coaching education course links around the state can be found on the menu to your right.

STEP 4 - Fill out a team fact sheet. A team fact sheet is needed to give us a little more information about your team such as your team name, uniform colors, age group, assistant coaches, etc... All Head Coaches must fill out a Team Fact Sheet.  U9-U19 TEAM FACT SHEET 

STEP 5 - Attend the mandatory coaches meeting.  All head coaches and assistant coaches must attend.





GSA has a policy for taking down and putting up nets.  This helps prevent damage during the weeks and helps GSA maintain the nets for longer periods of time.


The first HOME team to play on a field will be responsible for putting up the nets.   (If you play at 9am, you will be the first team to play.)  The nets will be put out for you next to the goal on your field.  There will be 2 nets in each bucket.


The last HOME team to play on a field will be responsible for removing the nets.  Again, they will go back in the same bucket that is labeled for the field.  If you are unsure as to whether you are the last game of the day for that field, ask the center referee or find a field marshal before leaving.


We ask for your cooperation on this policy.  We have had a significant amount of damage to the nets if we leave them on during the season plus it is hard to maintain the grass around the goals while the nets are on without cutting them with a weed eater. 


We appreciate your willingness to help us maintain our equipment for future seasons to come.


GSA Board