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What type of equipment do I need to coach?
At the bare minimum, you need some disc cones (20 or 30 is ideal) and some pinnies. Players can bring their own soccer ball. However, most coaches will accumulate additional equipment over time that can come in very handy. Optional... Read More
How much time does it take to coach a soccer team?
This will depend on the type of team and age level of the team you are coaching. Recreational teams will often practice 1-2 times a week and play once a week. So you can expect a commitment of about 3-5... Read More
What size ball should my child be using?
Soccer balls used in youth leagues come in sizes 3, 4, and 5. 3-7 Years Old (U4-U8): Size 3 8-12 Years Old (U9-U12): Size 4 13 on up (U13-U18): Size 5 A Size 5 ball is the same used by... Read More
What uniform items do I need to buy?
Granbury Soccer Association provides a Jersey, Shorts, and Socks for recreational youth players to use during their games.  Additional items that parents must purchase are shin guards, soccer cleats, and an appropriate size ball. Also, extra soccer socks, shorts, and practice... Read More
Why can't my daughter wear her earrings?
Jewelry of any kind, including earrings (even if covered with a band-aid or tape), are not permitted while playing soccer.  Jewelry can cause injury to the player and/or other players during the match.  Referees will not tell you that you... Read More
My child has a cast on his/her arm and the doctor says they can play soccer. Is this permitted?
A child with any type of cast may only practice or participate in games if it is covered with foam padding.  Bubble wrap is not acceptable. The player may be eligible for a refund for the season – check our... Read More
What league will my team play in?
After teams are formed, they are usually placed into a playing league.  The playing league is governed by the officials that run that specific league.  The rules of play and administrative requirements may vary, as will the locations the games... Read More
When and where are practices or games?
The coach chooses the practice night(s) that best fits his/her schedule.  Granbury Soccer Association does not dictate when or where a coach practices his/her team.  Coaches set the practices times, but generally begin between 5:30-6:30pm depending on the time of... Read More
Do we play on holidays?
We are mindful of the holidays and try to respect everyone's ability to celebrate, however we must get the required number of games in during the season. Easter Weekend: No games (but there are games in the proceeding week). Mother's... Read More
Where are games played?
For U4 and U6 age divisions, all games are played in Granbury at the Granbury City Fields.  For U8 teams, you may have to travel to Glen Rose, Burleson, Cleburne, or Crowley for some games, since their U8 teams participate... Read More
What should I do if the referee makes a bad call?
You should respect the difficult job that referees have and recognize that the referee, according to the FIFA Laws of the Game, is the ultimate authority on the field. Whether a coach, spectator, player or parent, you should not vocally... Read More
I do not want my child to have the same coach as last year. What can I do?
On the registration form, just indicate that you do not want to be on the same team and your child will be removed as a core player from that team. Your child will be placed in the Player Pool for... Read More
I liked my child's coach from last year, but I don't want him/her to play with the same kids. What can I do?
You cannot request the same coach but with different players. You do have the option to request your child not play on the same team and be placed back in the Player Pool for random assignment.... Read More
How can I make sure my child is on the same team as last season?
If the coach is returning and enough players from the team return (50% + 1), then the team is formed for the season.  In order to guarantee your spot on that team, you must sign up during our regular registration... Read More
I don't like a situation that I saw on the playing/practice field. What should I do?
As a parent, the most important thing for you to do is have good communication with your child's coach. Talk to the coach about the situation. We want to encourage good sportsmanship, fun, and safe play. We rely on volunteer... Read More
I would like my son/daughter to play on a friend's team or for a specific coach.
We try to honor such requests and urge you to register by the deadline, although we cannot guarantee requested placements. If your child is a returning player, every effort will be made to place your child on the same team... Read More
I want my son/daughter to play in a higher age bracket. Is this possible?
The decision to have your child "play-up" is something that requires careful consideration. Such a request is generally made when a player demonstrates a skill level above his/her age of play and when there is a team available. Such a... Read More