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What uniform items do I need to buy?
Granbury Soccer Association provides a Jersey, Shorts, and Socks for recreational youth players to use during their games.  Additional items that parents must purchase are shin guards, soccer cleats, and an appropriate size ball. Also, extra soccer socks, shorts, and practice shirts to be used during practices will be necessary.  Players should be wearing athlethic apparel to practices and not bluejeans, polo shirts, jewelry, etc.  

Soccer balls used in youth leagues come in sizes 3, 4, and 5.
  • 3-7 Years Old (U4-U8): Size 3
  • 8-12 Years Old (U9-U12): Size 4
  • 13 on up (U13-U18): Size 5
A Size 5 ball is the same used by adults. There are also Size 1 balls, which are often called 'skills balls' that players can use to practice foot skills.

Shin guards have sizing charts on the package. Please pay special attention to this and get a pair of shin guards that fit the player.  Too small or too big can hamper the protection the shin guard is supposed to offer.  

Soccer cleats are very specific.  The most noticeable difference is that soccer cleats do not have a toe cleat at the front of the shoe.  A player cannot play if they have the wrong cleats on.  Regular athletic shoes are allowed, but may cause the player to slip and cause injury during a game.