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When and where are practices or games?
The coach chooses the practice night(s) that best fits his/her schedule.  Granbury Soccer Association does not dictate when or where a coach practices his/her team.  

Coaches set the practices times, but generally begin between 5:30-6:30pm depending on the time of the year. They tend to last around 1-2 hours depending on the age group (practices are shorter for younger age groups, longer for older age groups).

Each coach sets the practice schedule with a suggestion of two nights per week for children U8 and above. One night per week for U4, U5 and U6. The first week available for practice is mid to late March for the Spring season, and early to mid August for the Fall season for youth recreational teams.  Academy and Select teams may practice year round.

Game times depend on the age group. Regular season Saturday games start around 9:00 am and are slotted all day long. Each game last roughly 45 - 90 minutes (younger ages play shorter games). Weeknight evening games start after 6:00 pm.

During tournaments, games may start as early as 8:00 am and last until after dark depending on light availablity at the field being playerd on. Sunday tournament games may occur in the morning in order to get all the game completed.