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What league will my team play in?
After teams are formed, they are usually placed into a playing league.  The playing league is governed by the officials that run that specific league.  The rules of play and administrative requirements may vary, as will the locations the games... Read More
When and where are practices or games?
The coach chooses the practice night(s) that best fits his/her schedule.  Granbury Soccer Association does not dictate when or where a coach practices his/her team.  Coaches set the practices times, but generally begin between 5:30-6:30pm depending on the time of... Read More
Do we play on holidays?
We are mindful of the holidays and try to respect everyone's ability to celebrate, however we must get the required number of games in during the season. Easter Weekend: No games (but there are games in the proceeding week). Mother's... Read More
Where are games played?
For U4 and U6 age divisions, all games are played in Granbury at the Granbury City Fields.  For U8 teams, you may have to travel to Glen Rose, Burleson, Cleburne, or Crowley for some games, since their U8 teams participate... Read More
What should I do if the referee makes a bad call?
You should respect the difficult job that referees have and recognize that the referee, according to the FIFA Laws of the Game, is the ultimate authority on the field. Whether a coach, spectator, player or parent, you should not vocally... Read More