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What size ball should my child be using?
Soccer balls used in youth leagues come in sizes 3, 4, and 5. 3-7 Years Old (U4-U8): Size 3 8-12 Years Old (U9-U12): Size 4 13 on up (U13-U18): Size 5 A Size 5 ball is the same used by... Read More
What uniform items do I need to buy?
Granbury Soccer Association provides a Jersey, Shorts, and Socks for recreational youth players to use during their games.  Additional items that parents must purchase are shin guards, soccer cleats, and an appropriate size ball. Also, extra soccer socks, shorts, and practice... Read More
Why can't my daughter wear her earrings?
Jewelry of any kind, including earrings (even if covered with a band-aid or tape), are not permitted while playing soccer.  Jewelry can cause injury to the player and/or other players during the match.  Referees will not tell you that you... Read More
My child has a cast on his/her arm and the doctor says they can play soccer. Is this permitted?
A child with any type of cast may only practice or participate in games if it is covered with foam padding.  Bubble wrap is not acceptable. The player may be eligible for a refund for the season – check our... Read More